My Story South Africa

Journey to the heart of real people and their stories of life and survival. The battle of existance, there will to live, work, will to give back, do more, help more and love more. These are the untold stories of our forgotten and invisible nation survivors. 

About Me

My story from a corporate conformity to an awakening of empathy life on the rock we all reside on.

Missions and Purpose

My sudden story to try tell the untold and give the under privileged more voice and more help. This is their story and there thoughts.

Your Help

What you can do to get in touch, help or best yet meet the forgotten voices in person and extend humanities much needed arm of love and care.

My Best Friend and Me

Why I suppressed an empathy emotion for so many years of my life, conformed to utter bollocks and awakened to what its needed to live and love in life.

Food 4 Thought

Where you can find our survival heroes and what you can drop off for them. or get in touch with me.

Quotes from the street

Words of inspiration, words of wisdom, advice on life from our street heroes.. this is where real is real and its not sugar coated but what humanity should be listening too.

Lets hear their stories?